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About Us

What is a Cowboy Church?

*A Cowboy Church is a non-denominational ministry that first and foremost focuses on Jesus...God's greatest gift to mankind.

*A ministry that serves God through cowboy culture with a strong western heritage.

*A ministry that is all about family...where ALL are welcome.

*A place to call home.

*We stand tall for what is right in a world that seems to focus on what is wrong.

*A Bible based church, not caught up in being politically correct, but rather in what the Bible says and how it applies to us.

*Arena Ministry - Faith based fellowship through western venues like roping, play-days, trail rides, ranch rodeos and more to come!

*Cowboy gospel music and uplifting Bible based sermons

Cowboy culture may be our method of worship, but keep in mind that we did not put a cowboy on the cross. Jesus died that we might live.

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